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Ekctrical & Computer EogioeerinK Department The Cooper Unkm ECE 1418 Circuits and Electronics I Exam 2/ FaD 2004 1. Steady-stale is established in the circuit shown below with the switch closed. AI t .. 0, switch opened. + 200 t;O I 2.'mF :d-- J20 ; "'0 + , 2400 a} Obtain circuil model all" 0- and then, use it to fmd vC<o-). 1(0-) and v(D-}. b}, Obtain the circuit model at t .. 0+ and then, use it 10 fmd vC<O+), i(O+) and v(O+). c} Determine expressions (or tI tilts VC<I) and i(I), and for voltage v(I). 3S% 2. The switch in linear circuit shown has been in the open posilion for a long time before it closed at t - O. '0 + , 4V a) Determine iL(o-), ic(o-) and v(o-). b) Detennine iL(O+). ic(0+) and v(O+}. c) Determine ordinary differential equatioo for
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