ECE141_2006FALL_EXAM4__[0] - Eiectrical 8 Computer...

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Unformatted text preview: Eiectrical 8: Computer Engineering Department The Cooper Union ECEHI CirruitsandElecu'onicsI Emmimm l. The sown-cs in the iimar RLC cimuit shown in the figure below are defined by vfit} - Wilt} V, id!) = 3.5 A and ism = 5i,(t}t HZ, 2. IbediedeDinthecircuitgivenbclowhaswt-mvoltagc vta o.7vm:,-u. The controlledsoumesmedcfimdbyv,=3vandi,=20i. a} Data-min: the state (anloff) of the dime D. b) Detenm'nc the cWand voltage V0. 1:) Obtain the logd’linc cquatiflfor the diode I). Then, identify on a sketch for the load Knit .u» the (2—point := ( V5513qu- n‘p' 1 The sources in the linear time-invariant RLC circuit shown in the figure below are defined by gm = 10.6mm: + 90") A and Mt) - 4m:- ECElfl Cirtuitsdemicsl F‘malEnmhntiuniFaflm 2) Obtain the tip-domain model for the circuit. 11) Dctcrmine the steady-me expressions for the cum Mt) and the load voltage VIII). "c) Calculate the average pow-u EL delivcmd to tho load and tho power factor at the. load. 6) Determin tho complex power: SA associated with tho current source Ht}. 3) Determine the real power and the reactive power associated with the source i.(t). 1?}; 4. Each of the diodes in the cimuits shown below has a cabin voltage vT- 0.5v, :, - o and ‘V'T - ZSmV. Determine for cash circuit, i} the small—gm! mode] for m: diodc, and ii} tit: voltage V, ' a) b) c3 1.51:0 D D A?" O 5. The dependent sourcesintholinwcircuit givmhelowaredefinod by vI = wk and i, =4i,_. ThnindepondcntsmnccsmV,-20Vandi.fl2k 3) Determine the value for the load resistor RL that would result in maximum power transfer to it by this ciImIit. 1)) Calculate the maximum powcr that cm be delivered to KL by the circuit. c) Specify the appropriate power rating for the load resistor RL detamined in part (at. I771 ...
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ECE141_2006FALL_EXAM4__[0] - Eiectrical 8 Computer...

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