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ECE141_2007FALL_EXAM2__[0] - Electrical Engineering...

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Electrical Engineering Department The Cooper Union ECE 141A Circuits and Electronics 1 Examination 2/ Fan 2007 1. The sources in the linear circuit shown in the figure below are defmed by VA = lOV. V o = 5V and is = O.lv x ' IOQ 5Q 2Q v o r-'VIJ\Iv---.f-./\ANir---1- +}--+---, i, ! v, + 5Q a) Detennine the Thevenin equivalent for the circuit with respect to the load resistor R L b) Determine the maximum power, P maxo that can be delivered by the circuit to the resistor R L . c) Determine the power absorbed by the load resistor R L = 10:. (35%) 2 The dependent source in the linear resistive circuit shown in the figure below is defmed
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