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Unformatted text preview: The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art- Spring 2007 A Digital Logic Design, ECE150 Mon. 6 - 9 PM, Room 202E NAMR EMAIL Please place ALL of your answers in the blue exam book. The maximum total score for this exam is 100 points. This exam has two parts. Show all work for all questions. Be certain to CLEARLY identifY which part of a question your answer is given for. (NOTE: the "not" symbol will be a single quote (Le. not A ~ A') and the XOR gate will be represented by [email protected]) Part I: Short answer (50% of the ("mal score): SHOW ALL WORK 1. (2 points) The DeMorgan equivalent of (A' + B + C') is .... Y 2. (2 points) A + A'B = 111 3 (6 points) AB'C'D + A'BCD' + A'BC'D + AB'CD' ~ .. . (6 points) BE.BAD" = a) in base 2; c) in base 8 5. (8 points) We covered 2 ways to construct an output circuit in class. Draw them, label them clearly, and explain the differences. 6. (8 points) You have a system with a 4-bit binary input (DCBA) and a I-bit output (l). If l ~ AC' + BCD + A'D', what is the maxtcrm expression you get from the Karnaugh map? Fully reduce theA'D', what is the maxtcrm expression you get from the Karnaugh map?...
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