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ECE150_2010FALL_PROJ1__[0] - Fall The CooperCooper Unionfor...

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Unformatted text preview: Fall The CooperCooper Unionfor the Advancement ofandCooper The Cooper Union for the2007Fall 2007and Science and Art The Cooper the Advancement of Science Science and Art for Art Fall Advancement Fall 2010 The Union forUnion for the Advancement of Science and the Advancement of Science of Art 2007 The Art Union Digital Logic Design: ECE150:for ECE150: Prof. Risbud Science LogicArt The DESIGNHARDWARE ofAdvancement of HARDWARE DESIGN ASSIG Digital Logic Design: the Advancement Digital and Design: ECE150: Prof. Risbud ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT #1 HARDWARE CooperASSIGNMENT #1 Science Digital Logicthe Advancement DESIGN ECE150: the for Design: DESIGN Prof. Risbud Art The Digital LogicDesign:ECE150: Prof. Risbud of The Cooper UnionHARDWAREUnion forFall 2007 #1and Art Science andHARDWARE Cooper Union Prof. Risbud Digital Logic Design: ECE150: Prof. Risbud Digital Logic Design:Digital Logic Design:ASSIGNMENT Risbud ECE150: DESIGN ECE150: Prof. #1 HARDWAREProf. Risbud DUE DUE 11/01 (starting (starting 5 PM): team2size = size =11/[email protected] 5 PM): @ 5 PM): = 2 size = 2 THU. Thursday (starting @ @ 5 PM): team THU. 2 DUE THU. 11/01 @ PM): DUE = DUE 2 DUE: THU. 11/0110/2156 PM.team size THU. 11/01 (starting (starting team size team DUE THU. 11/01 (starting @ 5 PM): DUE THU. 11/01 (starting @ 5 (starting @ size = 2team size = 2 team size = 2DUE THU. 11/01 PM): team 5 PM): Hardware Design Assignment #1: BrailleHardwareHardware Design Assignment #1: Braille Hardware Design Assignment #1: Braille Design Assignment #1: Braille Hardware Design Assignment #1: Braille #1: Braille Hardware Design a visually challenged person HardwareisDesignisAssignment visually aHardware Design AssignmenttoAssignmenta#1: Brailleto assess to a Braille Braille isa a system which allows a visually challengedwhichsystemassessallows visually challenged person a system which allows a #1: Braille challenged assess to assess allows which Braille system which allows challenged person to person person visually Braille is a system is a Braille HARDWARE DESIGN ASSIG HARDW alphanumerics bysystem which feeling visuallyraised dots. personsystemBraille is patternweraisedchallenged personchallenged person alphanumerics a feeling a a a pattern of raised dots.alphanumericsaby a ofwhich Braille this to assess shall which a system a pattern of raised dots. assess alphanumerics pattern of raised of In this exercise, exercise, we shall feeling shalldots. a this exercise, we exercise alphanumerics by feeling allows Braille is a feelingbyby allowspatterndots.challenged Inis a we In this exercise, visually allows Invisually toIn this shall deal with deal with only, so assumeso assumethe Binarythe this exercise, we shallso pattern of raisedadots.Binaryraised dots.we Coded D the digits by feeling a only, only that dots.deal Binary CodedwithCoded Decimal assume thatthis exercise, In this deal with the digits pattern of raised onlyalphanumerics by feeling adigits by that Binary the with the digits only, alphanumericsthe digits only, thatso assume thatCoded Decimal alphanumerics only, soonly pattern of CodedBinary shall exe Inonly the deal Decimal assume feeling the In only the Decimal (BCD) numbersthenumbersthroughinput 9 be inputthe your to numbers 0dealto Youwill be input to your Binary Codedare to design are (BCD)0numbersonly, sobe 9 will will beto (BCD) Codeddigits only, so the digits design the inputthatyour circuit. You through 0 will assume that only input circuit.toYou arenumbers are tothat 9 will assume to You the Binary Cod 9 0 through to your circuit. You your(BCD) with9 assume only, so be circuit. only Decimal deal with the circuit. design through only are design through 0 deal(BCD) digits with Binary Decimal and buildandnumbersa0circuit whichbe input to basedcircuit.numbers 0to designthe table input to your circuit.on theyourto below. Yo a circuit whichthrough 9 BCD to Braille yourand the table are (BCD) numbersbe through 9 BCD to You table design and build converts converts BCD BCDon based onbelow. abelow. BCD to Braille be input to based on the (BCD) a circuit table converts 0 below. the through 9 will to Braille based which (BCD) build a circuit whichwill converts to BraillebuildYou and buildoncircuit which convertswillbased Brailleare circuit. tab and build a circuit which converts BCD to Brailleand build a circuitand build a circuit which Braille based on the tablebased on th based on the tablewhich converts BCD to converts BCD to Braille below. below. Table of BCD of Brailleto Braille correspondence for digits 0BCD to Braille correspondence for the assumptionBCD digits 0 through 9: Table of BCD correspondence for the BCD the BCD BCD of BCD09:Braille 9: (The BCD digits (The assumption Table to BCD to Braille correspondence for thedigits 09: (The assumption correspondence for the0 through 9: (The assumpt Table of through throughtothrough Table digits is thatTable that some electromechanical device the BCDsome dotto Table iselectromechanicalcorrespondence for0eachaLEDfor(The0assumpt some of someto Braille device exists thatexists that raisesBCDLEDeach of on.) device exists deviceBCD digitsraises BCD 9: eachon.) th is electromechanical correspondence raisesis dot for each0 that somefor that Braille for israises that through that is throug Table of electromechanical assumption that exists a that digitsis through 9: BCD to on.) fora that correspondence is that BCD electromechanical device for exists that araises BrailleLEDeachisLED that theon.) a dot for the dot digits LED dot (The is that some electromechanicalelectromechanical device dot for each LED that is each is LED that device is that some electromechanical device exists that raises a dot for each that some is on.) exists that raises aexists that raises a dot for on.) LE DATA DATA A 0D C 0 A0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 1 00 0 0 001DATA1 0100D 0 1DATA 0 0 1 D C 0 1A 110000010 0 0 0 010 1 1 0 10000 0 0 1 10110 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 DCB DATA 0 B 0 10 0 1 C 1 0A0 1 1 1 0 00 0 B0 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 01 1 1 1 1 0 00 D 0 B A 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 100 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 00 B 011 01 0 INPUTS INPUTS INPUTS (zero) (one)(zero) (one) (three) (two) INPUTS (###) (###) (zero) (two) (one)(two) (four) (five) (three) (three) (six)INPUTS(zero) (eight) (six)(eight) seven) (eight) (three) (four) (five) ) (six) (sev (four) (###) (seven(five) ((one)) (nine) ( (one) (five) ) seven (zero) (nine) (four) (nine) (###) (four) (six) (###) (two)0 (three) (two)0 0 0 1 0 1 0(six)0 (seven1 (eight) 1 (five) 0 0 0 1 1 (n 011 11100 11 01 00010 0 DATA D C B A 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0DATA 0 1 D 1 B0 1 1DATA0 1 1 D 0 1B0A 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 100 0 C A 0 0 0 1 0 0 C0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 (###) (six) (zero) )(one) INPUTS (two) (three) (six) (seven) (eight) (n (four) (five) (six) INPUTS (###) (zero) (one) (two) (three) INPUTS (five) (four) (seven (###) (two) (three) (four) (five) (eight) (zero) (one) (nine) W X W X W X WBRAILLE X W X BRAILLE BRAILLE BRAILLE BRAILLE PATTERN PATTERNW XY Z PATTERN PATTERN Y Y Z W X BRAILLE Z W X YPATTERN Z Y BRAILLE BRAILLE Z PATTERN PATTERN Y Z PATTERN Y Z Y Z WORK WORKIN PAIRSAND DESIGN CAREFULLY: IN PAIRS ANDPAIRS AND DESIGN CAREFULLY: IN PAIRS AND DESIGN DESIGN CAREFULLY:WORK IN DESIGN CAREFULLY: WORK ALONE AND DESIGN CAREFULLY: WORK IN PAIRS ANDCAREFULLY: WORK UseWORK IN PAIRS ANDthe provide the inputs UseC, INswitches DIP switches to provide DESIGN CAREFULLY: DIP switches to providetoDESIGNthe C, B &D, C, D,&DIP & A.WORK DESIGN CAREFULLY:A. D, C, B & A. Use DIP switches provide CAREFULLY: A. B Use DIP switches to inputs D, inputs A. WORK B PAIRS AND IN PAIRS AND theB & Use to provide the inputs D, C, inputs The LEDsThe LEDs mustlight correspondingcorresponding .variable.LEDs must the inputsprovidevariable is a variable is a . must light when the when inputs variable isvariable must light aDIP the corresponding & inputs D, a to The LEDs must light when corresponding A. DIP switches is provide light when the Bthe A. . The Use DIP switches to provide thethethe D, C, B &Use LEDsis aThe Usewhenswitches to D, C,corresponding C,. B & A. The LEDsThe LEDs mustbein thethe corresponding variableLEDs must beabove. thethe light when the correspondingabove. boxes above. must be orientedbe oriented the patterns asThe as seen The LEDs mustabove. must when patterns as seen in the boxes a boxes Thewhen inbe oriented inas seen in theas seen in the is a . oriented in in the patterns is the in lightboxes must patterns the patterns boxes. variable seen in above. the LEDs corresponding variable is a The LEDs oriented The LEDs must light . You may only use the be use thegatesthe patterns(AND, YoutheOR,must& The NOR, NOTsix basic OR,the patterns as NAND,& XOR). above. The NAND, You may only in the (AND, in OR, may onlyabove. be oriented must NOT You may only use the six(AND, OR, NAND, LEDs NAND, LEDsuse gates orientedgates in the NOR,seen in NOR, NOT The You may only oriented in basic gates as seen inNOR, NOTuseXOR). & XOR).be & XOR). NAND,boxes above. the boxes & X LEDs must six basic six basic gates (AND, boxesNOR,the six basicthe patterns as seen (AND, OR, NOT You have You havesupply of parts, sogates parts, so designhaveNOR,useYou sixlimitedgatesthefollowingsomust(AND, OR, NAND, NOR, NOT fit design mustthe within supply six design your within must limited supplythe following of each XOR). of your OR, one each You have a limited basicof parts, so your your may onlywithin & ofof onlyonethe of parts, NAND,design must of XOR). the foll You a limited ause the sixsupplyyour (AND, OR,Youwithinaone NOTfitmayof parts, so(AND,basic gatesfollowing onefit within one of ea may only limited supply of design mustNAND, fitYou have a basic use of each of the fitNOR, NOT & each of types:Youtypes:quad dualinput ofAND,so your XOR types: quadXOR You AND,aof the followingof parts, soNOR,designand hex INVERTER quad dualaquad dual input parts, NOR, design must fit andtypes: supply ofINVERTER design must fit hexXOR musteach of theone and hex INVERTER each limited yourNAND, OR, your INVERTER You have limited quad dual input AND, hex INVERTER types: input AND, NAND, OR, NAND, NOR, NOR,a dual input have NAND, supply and have limited supply AND, NAND, OR, OR, XOR within one of hex parts, soOR, NOR, XOR and within one of fit within foll CircuitsCircuitsdesigned and/or constructed poorly will be penalized.penalized.quad NAND, OR, NOR, XOR andpoorly will be and hex INVER thatquad that inputdesigned and/or constructedand hexCircuitsbe penalized. and/or constructed hex INVERTER Circuitsdual are designedNAND,constructed XOR quad beINVERTERand/or constructed poorly willOR,penalized. penalized. are that are AND, and/or OR, NOR, Circuitswill dualdesigned are designed AND, NAND, be NOR, XOR types: poorly will that dual input poorly that are input AND, types: types: Circuits that are designed and/or constructed poorly will be penalized. will be penalized. Circuits that are designed and/or constructed poorly Circuits that are designed and/or constructed poorly will be penalized. DOCUMENTATION & NOTES:& NOTES: DOCUMENTATION & DOCUMENTATION NOTES: DOCUMENTATION & NOTES: & NOTES: DOCUMENTATION You must You8.5" xuse 8.5" xNOTES: yourall of yourYou must useYou must use 8.5"for 11" of& NOTES:of your documentation. use must 11" paper for paper You must use 8.5" 11" all of for documentation. documentation. of documentation.DOCUMENTATION your documentation. your 8.5" x & paper x DOCUMENTATION & x 11" paper for all DOCUMENTATION11"NOTES: all paper for all You must You must includethepaper for allmaps on the You must include YouKarnaughforof xof yourfollowingthe followingof your documentati page following part of as part Karnaugh page as x include 8.5" 11" documentation. You must 8.5" x 11" maps on of your documentation. of your documentation. on the maps all of your documentation. page your maps You include the Karnaugh Karnaughthe following following useYou mustmust usethe all yourpaper foron page as part page as part of you must use include the Karnaugh maps on theas part 8.5"the11" paper documentation.documentation. You must You must providean explanation of any "non-standard"provideYouKarnaughanof the Karnaugh any "non-standard" boolean reduction You must provideKarnaugh maps on of any "non-standard" reductions/minimizations. of maps on the part of your documentat You must booleanofboolean reductions/minimizations. provide maps You provide an explanation explanationthe following pageinclude mustmust include any "non-standard"page as following page as part of must include the an of any "non-standard" boolean reductions/minimizations. on the following boolean reductions/minimizatio asYou theyour documentation. part an explanation explanation You must You must providea a logic, board "non-standard" boolean reductions/minimizations. your design. "non-standard" boolean reduc provide a provide logic, schematicschematic (circuit)to supportdiagram to logic, explanation of any and (circuit) diagram provideYou support your an board (circuit) diagram reductions/minimizatio an provide You must logic, board andboardany and schematic (circuit) toexplanationanddesign. and schematic (circuit) diagram to design. You must diagram logic, design. support You mustmust provide any "non-standard" boolean to support your suppor a your boarda of schematic You must provide an explanation of You must You must providea a bulleted or problems(circuit)problems You must provideissues or board and thatproblems support your design you support board bulleted logic, You must provide bulleted list of issues or that you encountered. provide design. list of(circuit)or you encountered. You must provide encountered. and logic, a bulleted list You provide a bulleted list board and list of issues or diagram to that you encountered. problems schematic to that you encountere must provide a logic, of issues schematic problems thatYou must your aof aschematic issues diagram (circuit) diagram to su You that provideYou must list of a bulleted list of issues or encountered. a bulleted You must provide a bulleted list of issues or problems mustyou encountered. provideissues or problems that youproblems that you encoun Block Block diagram of the system be designing anddiagram of diagram ofyou system designing and constructing diagram diagram of the system you will be designingthe system the will be you will be designing and constructing Block of the system you will you will be designing and constructing Block constructing Block and constructing Block diagram of the system you will system you will beconstructing constru Block diagram of the be designing and designing and Block diagram of the system you will be designing and constructing D C B A W DD Conversion X Conversion DC C Conversion BB Circuit Circuit Circuit Y C Conversion Z BA A Circuit A W W X X Y Y Z Z W D CX D BY C AZ B A D W CConversion ConversionW X D BConversion Circuit Y X Circuit C Conversion A Circuit Z Y B Circuit Z A W X W Y X Z Y Z The CooperCooper Unionfor the Advancement ofandCooper The Cooper Union for the2007Fall 2007and Science and Art The Cooper the Advancement of Science Science and Art for Art Fall Advancement Fall The Union forUnion for the Advancement of Science and the Advancement of Science of Art 2007 The Art Union ...
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