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/ Electrical Engineering Department The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science Art ECE 194 Electrical Computer Engineering Projects IT Spring 2009 1. The Bode phase, 8(<. .», response sketch of the transfer function G(s) is shown in the figure below, 8(<. = LG(j<. .». Given that the steady-state unit-ramp response,llm.__ {y(t)lx(t)~r(t)} = I, determine + Y(s) := G(s)X(s) linear ) network G(s) .... X(s a) the transfer function G(s), b) the bode magnitude, AdD = 2010g I G(j <..> ) I, sketch and c) the steady-state response due to x(t) = 50sin( <..>t) mV for i) <..> = 10, ii) CA> = 40 and iii) <..> = 100 rad/s. o 8(<. 901-----. ..... 45 -l-----+-----4--~--+----~I__-__.(,)(rad/s) 0.1 -45 -90 1 2. The bipolar junction transistor (BIT) in the circuit shown below has the following parameters: p= 150, Vm(on) = 0.7V, V T = 26mV and Early voltage VA = 00. The resistor values are: R o = 50kO, Rc = 5kO, R E = lOkO, R L = 2kO and Rs = lkO. a)
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ECE194_2009SPRING_EXAM1__[0] - Electrical Engineering...

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