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EID 370 Fall 2007 R Barrett In Class 1. You have just encountered your (authority figure of your choice) who you've not seen in a while. She/he asks what you are studying and when you mention Engineering Management her/his response is ". ..why study that? What have you learned that I haven't been telling you all these years? And what will you do with it anyway?" You respond . .. 2. Describe the responsibilities of a design engineer or engineering project manager with direct reference to the terms and concepts of management thus far. 3. Maslow and Herzberg have presented important insights into human motivation. How do these illuminate your own perceptions and plans? 4. Without repeating the at home portion of this exercise convince me of your understanding by answering a question of your own creation.
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Unformatted text preview: Take home 1. Which of the major management scholars' ideas most appeals to you as a future engineering manager? 2. Describe the functional model of management by application to an experience you've had. 3. Describe management by objects. What are its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages? 4. Describe the ideas of decentralization, divisionalization, line and staff. How do they apply? 5. We have discussed federal, function, hybrid and matrix organization forms. In your ideal world of your future employment which would you prefer? 6. Discuss the levels of management and their differences. 7. Convince me of your understanding by substituting one or two of these above questions iwth your own (Numbers these 7, 8)....
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