PH213_2007FALL_EXAM1__[0] - '07-'08 Ph213 - Exam 1 Name:...

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'07-'08 Ph213 - Exam 1 Name: Slot: " Since you don't have calculators, answers may be left in 'unevaluated form' such as x = (3+sin(n/3)!(13)1/2. " The speed of sound in air is 330 m/s. Unless told otherwise, assume that the amplitude of sound waves does not decrease with distance. Do all work on the attached sheets. Blue books are for scrap only! 1. A Ph213 student is walking parallel to a tall construction fence that has three narrow vertical openings (slits) of equal width whose centers are 0.4 meters apart. Far away construction is producing an irritating 10 khl pure tone. Anxious to test her knowledge of interlerence, the student pulls out her Radio Shack sound intensity meter and measures an intensity of 1 0 directly across from the opening, 20 meters from the fence. Moving 1.0 meters parallel to the fence, she finds a drop in intensity to C1 0 . (You may want to treat 20 meters as much farger than 1 meter.] a. Sketch the phasor diagram that could be used to determine the constant C. Since you don't have a protractor or calculator, I can't expect you to draw the phasors at the actual angles, but write an expression for the angles between the phasors and try to make a generally correct sketch that includes the labeled angles. b.
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PH213_2007FALL_EXAM1__[0] - '07-'08 Ph213 - Exam 1 Name:...

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