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Unformatted text preview: Ph 214, Spring 2007 Exam # 2 Question #1 Name: SOLUTIONS (1a) You overhear a conversation between two of your classmates. Student A tells Student B, If two events are simultaneous in one inertial frame, then they are simultaneous in all inertial frames. Do you nod in agreement or step in to correct Student A? Explain. If you disagree with Student A, it is sufficient to provide a counter- example. Step in to correct. (1 pt) One of the postulates of special relativity is that the speed of light in vacuum is the same for all inertial observers. This leads to the relativity of simultaneity. You could chose to demonstrate this in a number of equivalent ways any of which receive full credit. Two methods are illustrated below. (4 pts) Figure 1: Relativity of simultaneity (from French, Special Relativity ) Einstein clock synchronization thought experiment : In a frame at rest with respect to a stationary observer on the ground, a source which is equidistant between two receivers sends out a light signal in opposite directions. These signals are received simultaneously as measured by the observer. However, if the source and receivers are all moving uniformly with velocity + v relative to the ground, the observer will measure a signal reaching the rear receiver before the far one (see...
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PH214_2007SPRING_EXAM2_PROFSOLN_[0] - Ph 214, Spring 2007...

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