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Ph 291, Fall 2007 Final Exam 12 December 2007 DO 'NOT OPEN TIDS EXAM BEFORE YOU ARE TOLD TO BEGIN A. Complete this: NAME PLEASE CHECK THE CIRCLE NEXT TO YOUR LAB SECTION: C, ProfUglesich, Mon 4-6pm E, ProfNufiez, Wed K, ProfUglesich, Thu 3-5pm M, Prof Debroy, Tne 2-4pm S, Baum, Wed llam-1pm B. Read 1. This is n closed book, closed notes exam. No collaboration. You may not use a calculator. Wireless devices, ceI,J;phones, computers and PDAs are forbidden in the room. If you have brought any of these items with ~ou, they must be handed over to a proctor for the duration ofthe exam. Once you begin the exam you dtay not leave the room. This exam will end promptly at 4 PM EST. Violation of these rules constitute afademic dishonesty and your exam will be confiscated. 2. Once you are told to begin, write your name at the top of each exam page. Only pages with a name at the top will receive credit. 3. There are 6 questions total on the exam: five (5) multiple choice and one (1) long answer. I am expecting you complete 6 questions worth a total of 100 pts (the point value for each question is clearly indicated). 4. Write your answers in the space provided. you need more space, come up and get extra blank problem sheets. Do. not write on back any page. We will ignore anything written there. Use the blue books for sclratch paper. You must turn them at the end ofthe exam but nothing written in them will be graded. I 5. For the rultiple choice questions, you must transfer your answers to the boxes on the first page ofthe multiple·choice section. your answer is transferred, you receive a score for that question.
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PH291_2007FALL_EXAM1__[0] - Ph 291 Fall 2007 Final Exam 12...

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