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Unformatted text preview: Individual: Object described by a set of data. Individuals may be people, but they may also be animals or things. Variable: Any characteristic of an individual. A variable can take different values for different individuals. Categorical variable: A variable that places each individual into a category. Quantitative variable: A variable that takes numerical values that measure some characteristic of each individual, like height in centimeters or salary in dollars per year. Exploratory data analysis: Use of graphs and numerical summaries to describe the variables in a data set and the relations among them. 1. Begin by examining each variable by itself. Then move on to study the relationships among the variables. 2. Begin with a graph or graphs. Then add numerical summaries of specific aspects of the data. Distribution: The values and the frequency of values taken by a variable. The values of a categorical variable are labels for the categories. The distribution of a categorical variable lists the categories and gives either the count or the percent of individuals who fall in...
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