13 - the point(x-bar y-bar “Total variation in y”...

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A curved pattern in the scatterplot will always have a curved pattern in the residual plot. Correlation allows you to interchange the roles of x and y. Regression does not allow you to interchange the roles of x and y. Whenever the correlation between x and y is zero, the slope of the least squares regression line is also zero. The z-score products used to compute the correlation coefficient are based on deviations from
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Unformatted text preview: the point: (x-bar, y-bar) “Total variation in y” measures the variability of the y's about their mean y-bar. If the value of x tells us nothing about the value of y, then r^2 = 0. The purpose of a residual plot is to diagnose problems with the regression equation assumptions. The least squares regression line always intersects the point: (x-bar, y-bar)...
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