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Uses of the chi-square-test: Use the chi-square test to test the null hypothesis H0: there is no relationship between two categorical variables When you have a two-way table from one of these situations: Independent SRSs from two or more populations, with each individual classified according to one categorical variable. (The other variable says which sample the individual comes from.) A single SRS, with each individual classified according to both of two categorical variables. The chi-square distributions:
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Unformatted text preview: • The chi-square distributions are a family of distributions that take only positive values and are skewed to the right . A specific chi-square distribution is specified by giving its degrees of freedom. • The chi-square test for a two-way table with r rows and c columns uses critical values from the chi-square distribution with (r − 1)(c − 1) degrees of freedom. The P-value is the area under the density curve of this chi-square distribution to the right of the value of test statistic....
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