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Kairos and the Cover Letter "A key element of the situational context is referred to by the Greek concept of kairos , which has a range of meanings but is generally used to describe "the right or opportune time to speak or write" (Covino and Jolliffe, p. 62). Kairos also refers to "the right measure, the appropriate move in a rhetorical situation" (Covino and Jolliffe, p. 62). Kairos also means "timeliness" and "suiting the word to the occasion." The concept is central to our understanding of rhetoric (and of communication generally) as a method of discerning the available means of persuasion or identiFcation in any context. As we have discussed, contexts for seeing, reading, and writing may vary dramatically, so one task of the author or artist is to assess the context of time, place, and subject, as well as the occasion for the work itself, both of which in turn involve analysis and understanding of the expectations of readers or spectators. The questions you ask and the rhetorical decisions you make with regard to the context and your subject matter for a given occasion should be governed by a sense of kairos , or timeliness." (±rom a draft of Illuminating Rhetoric: A Guide to Seeing, Reading, and Writing by David Blakesley for MayFeld/McGraw-Hill Publishers, 2002). Most successful job candidates know how important it is to write a cover letter that is tailored to the speciFc position described in the ad, but also to the circumstances of the company or organization. Two Samples Here's a sample from a cover letter written for an opening at a brand new college (±lorida Atlantic Univ., Honors College. The ad asked for someone with experience directing a writing program, among other things: I am writing to ask that you consider me for the position in Composition/Rhetoric that was advertised in MLA's Job Information List. I believe that I would bring with me to the position the range and depth of administrative experience as well as the scholarly
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kairos-and-the-cover-letter - Kairos and the Cover Letterr...

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