Lab 9

Lab 9 - Randall Robert (9771) Jacob Porta (7090) Optical...

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Randall Robert (9771) Jacob Porta (7090) Optical Electronics Lab EE 4270 Experiment 9 Transmission of Data Tuesday; November 22, 2005 1
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In today’s need for speedy data transmission, most companies are turning to optical networks to transfer data quickly and efficiently. This concept of transferring data over optical networks takes advantage of the large bandwidth available, and the immunity noise that can accumulate over copper conducting networks. This lab will demonstrate the transmission of some data over a short length of fiber. Figure 1: In figure 1 we can see an example of a simple fiber optic data transmission system. From left to right, top to bottom: A function is sent from a function generator to a circuit which will drive a light emitting diode. The LED is coupled to a transmitting fiber which is connected to a photo detector on the other end. The signal from the photo detector is sent to a current to voltage converter which in turn drives a loudspeaker or can be viewed on a oscilloscope. This configuration will be tested in the lab procedure. Figure 1.
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Lab 9 - Randall Robert (9771) Jacob Porta (7090) Optical...

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