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Case: Trouble in Paradise The Trouble in Paradise case had several problems and warning signs associated with it. Wiley Coyote could have made done a better job, had he recognized what went wrong at the start. Obvious warning signs associated with this case are the following: Wiley Coyote decided to look only at the lowest bidder (Roadrunner) and went into negotiations with Roadrunner without finding out about the company or the negotiator. Following the warning signs, were several problems that will be discussed below? Wiley Coyote should have done several things to address the warning signs. Wiley Coyote decided to go with Roadrunner for no other reason except for price and had no background of the company whatsoever. Wiley Coyote, therefore, had no idea of the strengths and weaknesses he needed to leverage against and could not build in any safety measures to protect him from the project being a disaster as it became. When choosing a company to contract out a project, Wiley Coyote should have looked at other factors besides price. He should have
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