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How to Write a Memo: Standard Conventions for Inter-Office Business Correspondence © Emily Thrush March 4, 2000 MEMORANDUM TO: Mr. and Ms. Business Communicator FROM: Emily A. Thrush, Column Editor SUBJECT: Memo writing ------------------------------------------------------------ This memo outlines how to write an effective memo. A memo always begins with a statement of its purpose to help busy readers sort, prioritize, and file their correspondence. Memos vs. Letters Use memos rather than letters to communicate within your organization, including members of your department, upper management, employees at another branch of your company, etc. Use a letter if you are preparing a document for someone several levels above you or in a formal situation. For example, an application for a leave of absence should be in letter form. Heading Information Always include the date, the names of the writer and the recipient, and the subject of the memo in the heading, formatted however company standards dictate. The heading information ensures
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