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HW #4 - the text height is about 3mm(5 point Add all of the...

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EG 210: CAD and Engineering Application Sections 30, 31 & 32 Fall 2011 HW #4 Date Assigned: 09/22/2011 Due Date: 09/29/2011 in the beginning of the class Create and save the following drawing: Ex1 : Open the drawing of Ex1 of ICA #9 (the bridge drawing). (20 point) Add all the hatches shown in the book and set the hatch scale. (5 point) Add all the texts shown in the book. Set the size of the text such that on the printout
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Unformatted text preview: the text height is about 3mm. (5 point) Add all of the qleaders shown in the book and set the arrow head size. (5 point) Update the title block as indicated in the ICA #9. (5 point) ICA Submission Submit the printout on the due date. 25% penalty for 24 hours late submission. HW will not be accepted after 24 hours....
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