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ICA_9(1) - (v Update the Title block Ex3(i Open a new file...

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EG 210: CAD and Engineering Application Sections 30, 31 & 32 Fall 2011 ICA_09: Blocks and Template Date Assigned: 09/22/2011 Due Date: 09/27/2011 in the beginning of the class Download the template files from ICA_09 ’s folder and save as template files. Ex1 : (i) Insert a layout from “ My_acad_Landscape ” into the bridge file of ICA_8 (Section 6.12. bullet #2). (ii) Set the viewport scale to 1:8 (Section 6.15.1). (iii) Lock the scale (Section 6.15.2). (iv) Update the Title block. Ex2 : (i) Insert a layout from “ My_acad_ISO_Portrait ” into the Figure 3.1 of ICA_02. (ii) Insert an entry in the scale list as 1:1.5 (Section 6.15.3). (iii) Set the viewport scale to 1:1.5. (iv) Lock the scale.
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Unformatted text preview: (v) Update the Title block. Ex3 : (i) Open a new file, “ My_acad_Portrait ”. (ii) In the Model space, draw the drawing shown in Chapter #19, Figure 3, Page 461 of the text book. (iii) Display the drawing in the center of the layout. (iv) Set the scale to 1:5. (v) Lock the scale. (vi) Update the Title block. ICA Submission Show the completed ICA to the Instructor or UTA before the end of the class. If you DO NOT complete your ICA before the end of the class then submit the printout of the drawings in class (on the due date) to the instructor . 25% penalty for 24 hours late submission. ICA will not be accepted after 24hours....
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