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Individual_Proj-#3 - 1 EG 210 CAD and Engineering...

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1 EG 210: CAD and Engineering Application Sections 30, 31 & 32 Fall 2011 Working Drawings Individual Project #3 Date Assigned: 11/08/2011 Due Date: 11/17/2011 in the beginning of the class Ex : Drawing Units: Architectural Read the whole document carefully before start working on the drawing. Remember to save the drawing. You will draw the drawing shown or mention in the sample report. Step #1 : Floor Plan Open the floor plan (created in the ICA 17 …) and save it as the Project #3. Step #2 : Roof Plan You have already created the roof plan in ICA #20. Add the following features to the roof plan. Labels (ridge or valley) o Set the LWT and text size appropriately. Slope arrows o Set the LWT and arrow head size appropriately. Hatch o Set the LWT, hatch angles and scales appropriately.
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2 Step #3 : Front Elevation You have already created the front elevation in ICA #20. Step #4 : Rear Elevation Create the rear elevation on the back of the floor plan.
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