Assignment Three Requirements (3)

Assignment Three Requirements (3) - Assignment #3...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment #3 Operations Tour Report Deliverable: An eight page (2,400 word) report on a plant or operations tour. The report will consist of the following components: 1. Brief description of the company that was visited. 2. Why was this company chosen? You might wish to review the course outline to see what will be covered in this course, and see how a firm might utilize these components. 3. Description of the steps taken by the team to inquire, gather data, and post visit, report back (with appropriate thank-yous) to your hosts. 4. Description of the specific operation that was examined 5. Description of the management accounting methods used in this operation or plant. a. Do these accounting methods make sense? b. What suggestions do you have to improve the accounting operations? 6. What, if anything, surprised you about this operation? Choice of location: You may choose any manufacturing or service operation that is local (within approximately 200 km of the University of Waterloo). km of the University of Waterloo)....
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Assignment Three Requirements (3) - Assignment #3...

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