MOS 3361b Assignment March 2009 (1)

MOS 3361b Assignment March 2009 (1) - The University of...

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The University of Western Ontario Management and Organizational Studies Intermediate Accounting II – MOS 3361B Assignment–due Thursday, April 9, 2009, in class or my office SSC 2210 by 4 PM From the SEDAR website ( ) or your respective company, obtain the most recent annual report of the public company you selected from the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). You may also require supplemental information on your company from other available sources. Required: Assume the role of a financial analyst/ potential shareholder. (Maximum group size 4 students) Based on your review of the company’s annual report and your response to the following questions (if applicable to your company), provide your recommendation for investing in the company selected: a) What business is the company in? (HINT: look at the Management Discussion and Analysis) How is this reflected in the balance sheet and income statement? Are there any irregular items reported on the income statement? Do they affect the company’s performance? b) Identify and summarize the various risks your company is exposed to. Explain how these risks stem from the underlying nature of the business. How is the company dealing with these risks? Has the company complied with S3855 and S3861 – Financial Instruments of the CICA Handbook? Explain how or any deficiencies.
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MOS 3361b Assignment March 2009 (1) - The University of...

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