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Request for Funding Proposal Important Notes 1. All submissions must be accompanied by a formal budget. 2. AFSA does not guarantee funding. Requests for funding are approved with several factors in mind, such as the amount of funding available for a given term and the total number of requests made. 3. If funding proposal for your project is approved, AFSA reserves the right to request a report on it’s the funds used, upon completion of the project. Name: Department, club, or plan (pick most relevant): Your position: Email address: Academic term of funding request:
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Unformatted text preview: (Fall, Winter, Spring) Amount of funding requested: $ Will you accept partial funding? (Bold one) Yes No Please keep your answers to the following questions to 500 words maximum. Explanation of Project: Please describe the purpose of your project and how it will benefit Accounting and Finance students in the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) at the University of Waterloo. Benefits for AFSA: If your proposal is granted funding, how will you acknowledge AFSA’s contribution? (For example, will there be advertisements, etc.?)...
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