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MA153 JIN NOTE for HW 21 Graphs for problem 1,2 and 3 intercepts: , intercept: intercept: intercept: intercepts: , intercept: 4. Simplify the difference quotient if (Solution) 5. If a linear function satisfies the conditions: and , find . (Solution) slope = Hence applying point-slope form, we get 6. From a rectangular piece of cardboard having dimensions , where , an open box is to be made by cutting out an identical square of area from each corner and turning up the sides. Express the volume V of the box as a function of x . (Solution) Notice that the width of the box is and the length of the box is . Thus, (Volume of the box) = 7. A small office unit is to contain of floor space. (a) Express the length of the building as a function of the width . (Solution) Since , (b) If the walls cost $90 per running foot, express the cost of the walls as a function of the width. (Disregard the wall space above the doors and the thickness of the walls.) (Solution) Total length of the wall is . Since
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