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ECON 210 Formula Sheet for Quiz #9 Chapter 14 GDP = C + I + G + (X – Z) Net exports = exports – imports Gross Investment = Net Investment + Consumption of Fixed Capital Real GDP = current output evaluated at base year prices Percentage change in real GDP = 100 x (new GDP – old GDP)/(old GDP) CPI = 100 x (current cost of base-period basket of goods)/(base period cost of base- period basket of goods)
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Unformatted text preview: GDP deflator = 100 x (nominal GDP/real GDP) Percentage change in price index = 100 x (current price index – previous price index)/previous price index Unemployment rate = 100 x (# unemployed/# labor force) Labor force = # employed + # unemployed LFPR = 100 x (#labor force/# working-age population) Employment-to-population ratio = 100 x (#employed/# working-age population)...
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