Midterm Formula Sheet

Midterm Formula Sheet - ← Class boundaries-Are the...

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Unformatted text preview: ← Class boundaries-Are the numbers used to separate classes, but without the gaps created my class limits ← Class width-Is the difference between two consecutive ← Class midpoints-can be found by adding the lower class limit to the upper class limit and dividing the sum by two ← Constructing a frequency distribution • Decide on the number of classes (should be between 5 and 20) • Calculate round-up-Class width (approx) (max-min)-(min)/number of classes • Starting point-Begin by choosing a lower limit of the first class • Using the lower limit of the first class and class width, proceed to list the lower class limits. • List the lower class limits in a vertical column and proceed to enter the upper class limits. • Go through the data set putting a tally in the appropriate class for each data value. ← Relative frequency distribution-Includes the same class limits as a frequency distribution, but relative frequencies are used instead of actual frequencies. ← Relative frequency= class frequency/sum of all frequencies ← Frequency distribution • lists data values (either individually or by groups of intervals), along with their corresponding frequencies or counts ← Histogram • An important type of graph that portrays the nature of the distribution • A bar graph in which the horizontal scale represents the classes of data values and the vertical scale represents the frequencies ← Relative Frequency Histogram • Has the same shape and horizontal scale as a histogram, but the vertical scale is marked with relative frequencies instead of actual frequencies ← Critical thinking histograms •...
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Midterm Formula Sheet - ← Class boundaries-Are the...

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