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Unformatted text preview: Project Guidelines: Answer both questions in a well written document. It should be presented in a way such that someone unfamiliar with AMS 318 can gain something from reading your report. Include graphs and tables when appropriate to succinctly describe results and data. This is a test of your mathematical and communication skills. Do not just write every equation. Do not just include every table. This is a written assignment! Remember, this is 10% of your grade. 1. In the spreadsheet for problem1.xls you will find the specifications for two projects. This includes how much will be received or invested and at which time. Some of the values are unknown, specifically X,t 1 ,t 2 ,t 3 . Investigate what values for these variables will make project 2 preferable to project 1. You may impose restrictions on your variables to attain closed form solutions if you like. Assume money is earned at the compound interest rate given in the spreadsheet....
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