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Unformatted text preview: Our beliefs….. Our Race and Privilege Is a matter of cultural categories and organization, not biological reality. Ummmm, but wait!!?!?! We defined culture as: the sum of ATTITUDES, customs, and BELIEFS that distinguish one group of people from another. If race is a matter of cultural categories that is based on beliefs and attitudes, If then, it must play a role in privilege. then, Race and Privilege Think back to the video you saw/will see in lab this week and some of the things the kids at the track meet were saying: kids Race and Privilege “Well, I've heard, some rumors I've heard are just like Blacks have an extra muscle in their leg. But I don't think anything's true.” muscle Race and Privilege “I don't want to get too controversial here, since I really don't know exactly. But I'd say that there's maybe a little bit that - not to use as an excuse as why they beat say me sometimes - but maybe, considering when you, when you look at the me Olympics, you know, who, who tends to dominate the 100, the 200 and the Olympics, quarter, for the most part. I'd just have to say the way it all falls out tends to point quarter, to what your race is” Race and Privilege Race “I assume that a white girl can't beat me in the 200. In my mind I don't think she can beat me, but I won't, I won't sleep on her.” can Race and Privilege All of the previous statements are examples of privilege being given and the sole factor determining this is RACE. factor Race and Privilege Laura Bozzo Television talk show host who has a TV show very similar to Jerry Springer. Springer Let’s look at some episodes: Notice anything? Race and Privilege Laura Bozzo T.V. show was pulled off the air in Peru because of allegations of using an underage girl who lied about what had happened to her amongst other underage allegations. allegations. Not only is race an issue here, but so is socioeconomic class. Race and Privilege Conclusion Privilege is an abstract concept that has real results. It can manifests itself in our beliefs, attitudes, or values, which then can feedback into our beliefs. feedback Race is just ONE of many factors that can affect how we directly/indirectly give/take away privilege. However, given its importance in our society, its impact is usually one of the biggest. usually ...
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