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F07exam3key - AGRY 320 GENETICS EXAM3 19 November 2007 NAME...

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AGRY 320 GENETICS EXAM3 19 November 2007 NAME _______________________________________________________________________ This exam is worth 100 points. Each question is worth 5 points. Carefully read all of the information presented and follow the directions. Clearly provide the most likely answer to each question according to the instructions. No questions or clarifications will be permitted during the exam. You may use the back of the exam for calculations. Scrap paper and calculators are unnecessary and are not allowed.
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The following diagram shows only part of a gene, the transcript encoded by that part of the gene, and one possible protein sequence encoded by the transcript. Use the diagram to answer the following questions. (ATG encodes for M and TAA, TAG and TGA are stop codons) 3’-acgacgggtttgttttacttggactcg at aatgaagcagatcattcatagagtctag-5’ 5’-tgctgcccaaacaaaatgaacctgagc ta ttacttcgtctagtaagtctctgagatc-3’ 1 5’-UGCUGCCCAAACAAAAUGAACCUGAGC UA UUACUUCGUCAUGUAAGUCUCUGAGAUC-3’ 2 M N L S Y Y F V M 1. ( 5 points ) Arrow number 1 represents the process of ________ transcription _________ in the central dogma of molecular biology.
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