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quiz2 key - K613 ’Qtw'r‘b at Z(50 points The figure...

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Unformatted text preview: K613 ’Qtw'r‘b at Z (50 points) The figure below (Fig. 1) depicts a pair of homologous chromosomes. Refer to this figure to fill in the blanks, 0r circle the correct bolded option. Each correct answer is 5 points. x“ t» .t C. a) What is the structure w? Cm‘m “Em b) What is the structure x? ($15?st NV?) c) What is the structure y? “YQXOWW d) A and a are 0x\\¢\°\k~> 0f the same gene. c) How many chromosomes are shown in the figure? 1 f) How many chromatids are shown in the figure? H g) How many centromeres are shown in the figure? Z h) Which stage of cell division is represented by the figure? “EXOQNX‘eQ‘X— 0&‘ Wags) i) Assuming that the genome is composed of only one chromosome, this cell is 1n=2, n=2 4n=2, 2n=4. .4. j) How many double stranded DNA molecules are represented by the figure? L3 ...
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