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ANSC%20230%20-%20ws%2010 - 2 Diagram the origin and...

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ANSC 230 Worksheet # 10 1. Immunology is the study of mechanisms that a host has evolved to rid itself of ____________ and other __________ substances. Two components of the immune system are the ____________ and ________________ defenses. In the immune system a problem that can develop due to deficiencies is ______________, while excess of immunological activity can lead to problems with _______________ and ________________________.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Diagram the origin and development of blood cells. 3. Compare and contrast the specific and non-specific immunities. 4. Create a paragraph that describes the immune response that is occurring in an inflamed tissue. Incorporate the following words: lymph, diapedesis, histamine, endothelium, chemotaxis, mast, edema, phagocyte. 5. What are the 4 types of T cells and what are their functions?...
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