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ANSC 230 Week 12 Handout 1. Name the two regulators of body temperature and the difference between them. 2. Regulation of body temperature is primarily a _________ _________. In addition, a hormone called ______________ also targets the ___________ to change the _________ _________ for which the body is trying to defend. The ___________ then activates the ______________ nervous system to create __________ ___________.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The primary source of heat is ______________. 4. Name the four most metabolically active organs. 5. Name three things that an animal can do to lose heat and also conserve heat. 6. Draw the diagram of thermoneutral zones (TNZ) including the LCT and UCT as discussed in class. 7. Define… Hypothermia: Convection: Hyperthermia: Evaporation: Radiation: Conduction:...
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