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ANSC%20230%20ws1 - Draw and label a PCV including the three...

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ANSC 320 Worksheet #1 1. Draw an image that illustrates the origin of lymph. Label the diagram and explain how function of the endothelial cells relates to structure. 2. What is a normal value for packed cell volume? ______% White blood cells are about ____% of the total cells. If PVC or Hematocrit is low this in an indication of a problem termed _______. The primary salt in the non-cellular fraction of blood is ________ and the concentration is held within narrow limits at this concentration (nM) _________. Blood weight is _______% of body weight, so a 50lb dog has about _______lbs of blood. 3. What are the three main types of anticoagulant? When using these anticoagulants what liquid form do you get after blood is centrifuged?
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Unformatted text preview: Draw and label a PCV including the three layers present when not using an anticoagulant after it has been centrifuged. 4. Epithelia are classified by ___________. Kidneys and the small intestine have _____________ epithelium for re-absorption which is also known as simple __________ epithelia. ___________ beds are made up of exchange epithelium, also termed as ____________________. 5. What are the three pools of water? Rank them in terms of amount of water. Explain the differences between these liquids based on the contents in each liquid. Why is it important that the concentrations of ions are different for all three pools of water?...
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