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ANSC%20230%20ws3 - 4 For an action potential The strength...

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ANSC 230 Worksheet #3 1. Draw and label a neuromuscular junction using the fallowing words: Synapse, myelin, depolarization, -ase, action potential, ACH, receptor, Sodium, calcium 2. Explain how muscular contraction works using the words: T-tubules, intracellular, sarcomere, depolarization, reticulum, myofibril 3. An action potential has 4 steps: ______________, ______________, _____________, and ___________. Resting membrane potential is at -70 mV and threshold is around -50 mV. Once stimulated the action potential is an __________ or __________ response. Sodium and ___________ ions are responsible for creating the action potential.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. For an action potential. The strength of the stimulus is proportional to its ____________. 5. How does the nerve cell distinguish a weak stimuli from a strong stimulus and draw a myelinated nerve cell. 6. Describe the blood brain barrier by using the words: Permeable, astrocytes, capillary, protective, chemicals 7. Explain the difference between gray and white matter. 8. Name the condition that deals with an excess cerebrospinal fluid on the brain and explain what the role of cerebrospinal fluid is....
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