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ANSC%20230%20ws4 - sphincter motor cerebrum cortex and...

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ANSC 230 Worksheet # 4 1. The kidneys are located behind the _____________ of the abdominal cavity. They are unique in that they are ______________ in shape. The functional units of the kidneys are _____________. The ______________ connect the kidneys to the bladder and carry urine to the holding structure. The bladder is made up of _______________ epithelium. 2. Draw a picture of the bladder in relation to the CNS. Include the following terms:
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Unformatted text preview: sphincter, motor, cerebrum, cortex, and parasympathetic 3. Draw a diagram of renal physiology. Include and label all parts and what is absorbed and excreted. 4. Explain the four roles of the kidney. 5. Explain counter current exchange and its role in the kidney. 6. What is RAAS? Draw a diagram of the system and explain what occurs physiologically in the kidneys with low and high blood pressure....
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