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cardio%2c%20renal%2c%20digestive-hepatic - Cardio Renal...

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Cardio - Renal – Digestive/Hepatic Create a paragraph that “describes or traces the digestion of fat from the mouth through to absorption” that incorporates the following words. Please circle the words in your paragraph . Lipase, liver, triglyceride, lymph, portal, chylomicron, secretin, acid, micelle, cholecystokinin (CCK), stomach, enterocyte 10. ) Match the single best word or phrase in the right column that best describes the word in the left column. _____ pepsinogen _____ low density lipoprotein _____ cirrhosis _____ bicarbonate _____ HCl _____ insulin _____ fatty liver _____ stratified squamous a. pancreatic peptidase b. product of the parietal cell c. activated by HCl d. epithelium of the liver e. mucus-secreting gland f. increases calcium deposition g. liver degeneration h. stimulated by secretin i. promotes glycogen synthesis j. stimulated by glucagon k. transports triglyceride to cells l. transports cholesterol to cells m. accumulation of cholesterol in the liver n. transports albumin to cells o. pancreatitis p. excess ketone bodies q. epithelium of the esophagus r. accumulation of triglyceride in the liver
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cardio%2c%20renal%2c%20digestive-hepatic - Cardio Renal...

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