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ANSC 230 Worksheet #7 1. How are the mouse and the candle similar? 2. The functional unit of the lungs is the ______________, which is surrounded by _____________ epithelium. Each unit is about the size of ______________. ______________ is secreted by the ______________ cells into the unit to prevent collapse and make it easier to inflate and breath. The absence of this substance in animals born prematurely causes _____________.The name of this disorder is _____________. The trachea is lined with ______________ epithelium, which functions to trap _____________ along with mucus to cough it back up. 3. If a puncture would is created in the thoracic cavity, there is broken surface tension and
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Unformatted text preview: the lungs will collapse, this is called ________________. 4. Describe the physiology and draw a diagram of oxygenation of blood in the lung and tissue including the role of the RBS. 5. What are the four most oxygen consuming organs in the body? 6. The nerve cells in the ________________ send signals to the diaphragm and __________ muscles to contact and release in regular intervals causing a regulation in ventilation. 7. When you hold your breath, CO 2 levels in the blood _________(increase/decrease) causing a(n) ___________ (increase/decrease) in H + ions and a(n) __________(increase/decrease) in the pH. 8. What is pulmonary hypertension?...
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