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Exam 2 Study Topics Chapter 12 Reaction Rates Collision Theory (energy and orientation of collisions, activated complex) How concentration, surface area, temperature and catalysts affect reaction rate (and why) Definition of chemical equilibrium Writing an equilibrium constant expression Meaning of equilibrium constant Predicting direction of reaction Heterogeneous equilibrium Le Chatelier’s Principle (adding removing reactant/product, volume or temperature change) Chapter 13 Definitions of acids and bases (Arrhenius and Brønsted-Lowry)
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Unformatted text preview: Identifying conjugate acids and bases Identifying amphoteric species Know 7 strong acids Know strong bases Which H atoms are acidic? Reactions of weak acids and bases with water Comparing strengths of different weak acids or bases Polyprotic acids K w Calculating [H 3 O + ] or [OH − ] using ion product constant of water Calculating pH Calculating pOH Calculating [H 3 O + ] or [OH − ] from pH or pOH What is a buffer? How can you make a buffer solution?...
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