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Laundry and Bourbon by James McClure Elizabeth. So what’re you in a frenzy about? Hattie. Oh yeah! Today, I went through living hell. Elizabeth. What did you do? Hattie. (grimly) I went shopping with my children. Elizabeth. Bad, huh? Hattie. Disastrous. When my kids hit a department shore they go beserk. I think it activates something in their glands. We hadn’t been in J.C. Penney’s five minutes before they scattered in all direction. Now you take my little Cheryl. Elizabeth. Uh-huh. Hattie. Now she’s a sweet little thing but bless her heart she’s a thief. Elizabeth. A thief. Hattie. It’s time I faced facts Lizbeth. My daughter is a kleptomaniac. As soon as we got into that store she started stuffing her pockets. She ran away from me and ten minutes later I saw her. I barely recognized my own daughter. She looked like a beach ball with legs. Elizabeth. Did you make her put it back?
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Unformatted text preview: Hattie. Yes, but it does no good. Thieving is in her blood. Elizabeth. Where do you suppose she gets it? Hattie. From Vernon. Jr. Elizabeth. Where was Vernon Jr. all this time? Hattie. Chasing his brother with a hammer. Elizabeth. Chasing little Roger?! Hattie. Yes. Elizabeth. What was little Roger doing? Hattie. Screaming. Elizabeth. Oh Lord. Hattie. Oh Lord is right. And somehow Vernon Jr. broke a solid steel J.C. Penney hammer. Elizabeth. (Laughing) How can you break a solid steel hammer? Hattie. Don’t ask me. When it comes to destruction Vernon Jr. is a genius. But I tell you it’s the last time I go shopping with those kids. Elizabeth. Where are the kids now? Hattie. I took the little darlings over to Vern’s mother’s place. She has a nice big house. ( Pause .) They ought to have it leveled in about an hour or so....
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  • Fall '08
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Laundry%20and%20bourbon0 - Hattie Yes but it does no good...

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