Lonestar0 - Ray. What? Roy. A goddamn OKIE ! The lowest...

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Lone Star by James McClure Roy. (Suddenly) Where the hell is everybody?! Ray. Well, Cletis and James are inside. Roy. I’m not talkin’ bout them. I’m talkin about people I knew. My friends from before. Guys I used to go up to Dallas with and pick up girls. Damn we had ourselves some times. Ray. Most a your crowd done gone, Roy. Roy. (Nostalgically) There was old Palmer Jenkins. Ray. He moved to Oklahoma. Roy. Don’t talk to me about Oklahoma. Ray. Well, that’s where he moved to. Hugo, Oklahoma. Roy. Goddammit. I asked you. Why would anybody in their right mind move from Maynard, Texas to Hugo, Oklahoma. Ray. I couldn’t say. But he sells used Buicks there. Roy. (Deathly serious) That’s the Goddamned end of the line you know what? Sellin used Buicks in Hugo, Oklahoma. Ray. I wouldn’t do it for money. Roy. Goddamn. You move to Oklahoma, you know what that makes you don’t it?
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Unformatted text preview: Ray. What? Roy. A goddamn OKIE ! The lowest form of life that lives! (This gives Roy an idea.) Say, Ray, what was the best time you ever had? Ray. (Slightest pause) R.O.T.C. Roy. You liked that? Ray. I liked them uniforms. Roy. Well, this year were gonna go to Texas-O.U. weekend. Ray. Yeah? Roy. Were gonna sit in the cotton bowl. Ray. Yeah? Roy. Were gonna watch the Longhorns beat the shit out of Oklahoma and yell hook em horns, just like all the other assholes. Ray. Hook em Horns! Roy. Then you know what? Ray. What? Roy. Were gonna get a room on the tenth floor of a hotel in downtown Dallas Ray. Yeah Roy. And throw all the furniture out the window. Ray. (Awed) Man. Roy. How does that sound? Ray. Well have ourselves a time!...
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Lonestar0 - Ray. What? Roy. A goddamn OKIE ! The lowest...

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