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Other People’s Money by Jerry Sterner COLES. That’s an impressive office you have out there. GARFINKLE. No big deal. Only lawyers. What can I do for you? COLES. Thanks for seeing me on such a short notice. I’m not really here on business. My wife and I came down to spend the evening with Bill, Jr. He’s attending Columbia. Got two more after him. Both girls. Claire’s out shopping now. It’s always a treat to come to this city. GARFINKLE. Great. COLES. We’re from small towns in Florida. Met at Florida State. GARFINKLE. What’d you come here for – to give me your biography? COLES. I didn’t know I was boring you. GARFINKLE. Now you know. COLES. … I’ll get to the point. I see by the latest 13-D you hold just over four hundred thousand shares. That’s ten per cent. GARFINKLE. Four hundred and twenty-five thousand. Bought some this morning. COLES. The filing says they were purchased for “investment purposes only”. GARFINKLE. I never read filings. COLES. What does “investment purposes only” mean?
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Unformatted text preview: GARFINKLE. Means I bought them to make money. COLES. How much more do you intend on buying? GARFINKLE. Thats none of your business. COLES. Can we speak frankly? GARFINKLE. No. Lie to me. Tell me how thrilled you are to know me. Tell me how gorgeous I am. COLES. You dont want to speak frankly? GARFINKLE. I always speak frankly. I dont like people who say Can we speak frankly? Means theyre bullshitting me the rest of the time. COLES. Im sorry. I wont use that phrase anymore. GARFINKLE. What do you want? COLES. Two years. I want two years. GARFINKLE. For what? COLES. Jorgenson is sixty-eight. In two years hell be seventy. He steps down at seventy. GARFINKLE. Says who? COLES. Its an agreement he has with the Board. His employment contract expires at seventy. GARFINKLE. The Board are his cronies. He is the board. What he wants done gets done. COLES. He gave me his word. Hes a man of his word. GARFINKLE. Stop playing with yourself....
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OtherPeoplesMoney0 - GARFINKLE. Means I bought them to make...

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