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Unformatted text preview: "The Slaughter House" Esteban Echeverria Caitlin Crowley The Man, the Myth, the Legend Esteban Echeverria (18051851) Born in Argentina Wide array of talent Poet Author Political theorist Pioneered Romantic mood in literature The Association of May Argentina in the 19th Century A time of Civil War Juan Manuel de Rosas Blockades Catholic Church Rise of the "Caudillo" Elected to a three year term as a federalist "The Slaughter House" Lent Storm -" The cit y fr om it s lower s and slopes cast anxious glances t o t he hor izon as if implor ing mer cy fr om t he lor d." Cattle Shortage Intestinal War Government intervention Demon Possession -"Give Fait h t o t he slaught er house, L ong live t he Feder alist s!" Mob of Spectators Butcher Events Unitarian Man -"H er e comes a Unit ar ian!" -"Poor devil, we want only t o amuse our selves -" wit h him, but he t ook t hings t oo ser iously." Reading Between the Lines Savagery of Rosa's dictatorship Slaughter house Injustice Federalists and Unitarians Barracas, quite fearless of any danger ahead of him." "The Unitarian was a young man, about 25 years old, elegant...trotting toward the Religious beliefs and ideology Parallel Ideologies Animal Farm George Orwell Russian Revolution Stalin's dictatorship Power Parallel Ideologies The Jungle Upton Sinclair American Meat Packing 1906: Meat Inspection Act, Pure Food and Drug Act Class Discussion What was the main goal of the Association of May? What is a Caudillo? What were the Federalists portrayed as? What did the bloody slaughter house represent? ...
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