Suburbia0 - JEFF Yeah PONY That’s good That’s important...

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Suburbia by Eric Bogosian PONY. ( offstage.) Sooze? JEFF? (Jeff hears him but since he is in the middle of a pee, can’t stop. Pony enters, an electric guitar slung onto his shoulders. Jeff quickly zips up and comes around the store, face to face with Pony.) JEFF. Hey! PONY. ( Quietly ) Hey, man. JEFF. Pony? (Jeff rushes up to Pony and embraces him.) PONY. Jeff! Wow. JEFF. Pony! (Pony breaks away and looks around.) PONY. You alone? JEFF. No. Uh. Wanna beer? PONY. Sure. (Jeff passes a beer to Pony, takes one for himself, and they open them simultaneously. Pony looks out towards the audience and waves to someone. Jeff follows his look.) JEFF. That’s your limo, huh? PONY. The record company makes me use it. It’s dumb, I know. JEFF. Never been in one. PONY. I’ll give you a ride later. So you’re just here alone. JEFF. They just went. You know, to get refreshments. PONY. Sooze? JEFF. She’s here. She’ll be here. PONY. You and her still…?
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Unformatted text preview: JEFF. Yeah. PONY. That’s good. That’s important. She’s so great. ( Looks around ) Wow, man. “The Corner.” Nothing’s changed! JEFF. You’ve only been gone a year. They give you a limo, huh? PONY. Yeah. The driver knows Billy Joel. Wow, huh? JEFF. ( weak laugh ) Hey, that’s funny. I saw your album at Musicland up the mall. PONY. Yeah, we’re starting to get good placement. We’ve sold over ninety thousand units. Danny says we’re gonna get a gold record. JEFF. Gold record, huh? Must be great. Living the wild life, huh? PONY. No… JEFF. Rock star. Fame. Fortune. Sex. PONY. It’s hard work. The road, man. The road is hell. Airport-hotel-show- airport-hotel-show- airport-hotel-show. Still living at your mom’s? JEFF. I just crash here. A lot of nights I’m just out. You know. PONY. Yeah, I saw your Dad’s Cherokee parked out front so I knew you were here....
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Suburbia0 - JEFF Yeah PONY That’s good That’s important...

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