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Table Settings by James Lapine GIRL FRIEND. I don’t love you. YOUNGER SON. Fine. GIRL FRIEND. I mean I do love you, but I’m not in love with you… YOUNGER SON. Fine. GIRL FRIEND. Which makes it difficult for me to see you. YOUNGER SON. Why does that make it difficult? GIRL FRIEND. Difficult because I am a person who needs to be in love. YOUNGER SON. Yeah, so? GIRL FRIEND. So, you’re not really the kind of person I want to be in love with… YOUNGER SON. Oh? GIRL FRIEND. …besides which, you don’t really want me falling in love with you. YOUNGER SON. I don’t? GIRL FRIEND. Take it from me, you hardly know me. The minute I declare my love for someone, I feel compelled to be unfaithful. YOUNGER SON. Me, too. GIRL FRIEND. There, you see, I could never have a relationship with someone who was unfaithful to me. YOUNGER SON. That makes no sense, but I think I understand perfectly. (
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Unformatted text preview: lovingly ) Look, if you want to cheat on me, you can. GIRL FRIEND. Thats just what I mean youre son god-damned wishy-washy. Cant you take a stand? I hate being able to walk all over you. Its just not going to work. YOUNGER SON. Okay, okay. Relax. GIRL FRIEND. Besides which, I have a confession to make thats very embarassing and is really going to turn you off. YOUNGER SON. Try me. GIRL FRIEND. I have crabs. (YOUNGER SON stops dead.) I picked them up at the clinic somehow. YOUNGER SON. ( At a loss for words ) thats too bad. GIRL FRIEND. Thats too bad? Thats all you can say? Dont you ever express anger? YOUNGER SON. What is it with you anyway? GIRL FRIEND. I think its important that we be able to tell each other everything without being uptight. YOUNGER SON. Tell me anything. Im not uptight....
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TableSettings0 - lovingly ) Look, if you want to cheat on...

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