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WhatTheBellhopSaw0 - WALLY What did you tell that bull...

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What the Bellhop Saw by Billy Van Zandt and jane Milmore GEORGIE. Wow! WALLY. Anybody see you come in? GEORGIE. No. (Reacts to room.) Wally, this is spectacular. WALLY. Four hundred bucks a night. (Off Georgie's reaction.) Don't worry, Georgie. It isn't costing you a cent. Nobody knows you're even here. GEORGIE. What if they book the room? WALLY. They won't. I checked with security. They're keeping this room empty all weekend. No one's ever gonna know you're here. Unless the President drops in or something. GEORGIE. He won't drop in, will he? WALLY. I don't think so. GEORGIE. But what if he does? WALLY. I'll come get you. Relax, brother. This is all yours. GEORGIE. And Heather's. WALLY. Yes. And Heather's. What time is she meeting you? (Georgie takes flowers and a box of chocolates out of his briefcase and sets them on the bed) GEORGIE. Six o'clock on the nose. She's very punctual.
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Unformatted text preview: WALLY. What did you tell that bull moose you're married to? GEORGIE. I said what you told me to say. I have to work late. WALLY. Good boy. You should have done this long ago. GEORGIE. I wouldn't have to sneak around like this if Arlene would just divorce me! But she says she wants the pleasure of seeing me miserable until I die an early death due to excess stress. WALLY. But she has boyfriends! GEORGIE. I know. WALLY. And they wear your suits. GEORGIE. I know. WALLY. Then what are you sneaking around for? GEORGIE. Cause Arlene is bigger than I am. Besides, I have to be careful with Heather. She's everything Arlene isn't. She's . . . WALLY. Sexy? GEORGIE. Yes. And. . . WALLY. Intelligent? GEORGIE. Yes. And. . . WALLY. Funny? GEORGIE. Yes. And. . . WALLY. She doesn't reek of cod liver oil? GEORGIE. Yes. Well, you get used to that, actually....
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WhatTheBellhopSaw0 - WALLY What did you tell that bull...

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