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J1 Study Guide for Unit Test 2-11

J1 Study Guide for Unit Test 2-11 - (8 The...

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Study Guide For Unit Test II (Lesson 1~ Lesson 4: Text P.24~127, P.290~305 & Workbook P.11~44 &117~132) Make sure you will go over all the exercises in the textbook and workbook. A. Vocabulary & Grammar: Verb types & Word Order (1) Verb types & Word Order (2) Particles: Destination ににににtimeにににYou cannot use に for ‘tomorrow” and etc.); に a place of existence (used when a verb is にに or にに) a place of action に; に together with/ and (combining two nouns); に,ににににalso), に direct object, に topic , に subject, にに“I tell you” “you know”; に confirming or seeking agreement to what has been said (3) Verb conjugation (formal or long form Non-past & Past) (4) Noun にに conjugation (formal or long form Non-past & Past) (5) Frequency adverbs (にににににににににににににににににnegative, ににににに negative) (6) Quantity adverbs (ににににににににに) (7) Describing where things are
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Unformatted text preview: (8) The duration-Hours(にににににににににに) (9) Days of the week, days of months, and other time expressions such as next year, last year, tomorrow, and yesterday. (10)X ににににににににに (11)ににににににHow different they are from English “go” and “come”) B.Hiragana reading & writing C.Katakana reading & writing: You have to write your name in katakana D.Kanji reading & writing: In addition to what was covered for the kanji quizzes: you should be able to read and write dates of months (にににににににににに) in kanji. E.Tasks you should be able to perform (orally and in writings): (a) Extending an invitation (b) Responding to an invitation (c) Making a suggestion (~にににににににに) (d) Self-introduction (e) Simple description of your daily activities (f) Asking dates (days of the week, etc) and answering (g) Asking for and Explaining locations of things (buildings, etc.)...
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