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Unformatted text preview: Study Guide for Unite Test I Genki I P.24-P.30. P. 34-82 & P.290-297 Workbook P.11-P.26 & P.117-128 A. Vocabulary & Grammar B. Hiragana: You should be able to recognize and write them. C. Katakana: You should be able to recognize and write them. (You are expected to write loan words (from Lesson 1 and 2).) D. Tasks you should be able to perform (orally and in writings): 1. Greetings 2. Thanking and apologizing 3. Self-introduction or 4. Asking and telling telephone numbers 5. Asking and telling time. (e.g., 10:40 PM) 6. Asking and telling name, major, age, year in college, and nationality 7. Talking about one's family (simple facts such as age and occupation) 8. Asking and telling prices 9. Ordering (basic) food at a diner. 10. Asking and telling locations using 11.Asking and telling prices using demonstratives, such as Noun Noun Noun, and 12. Similarity marker 13. Negation--noun 14. Understanding simple instructional language (See Textbook P.83) E Numbers & Time/Age textbook p. 48 & 69, textbook p.57 F Vocabulary: textbook p. 40-41, and p. 60-61 G etc exception or or if you are 20 years old) ...
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