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Politics assignments 1004F - because of what they had...

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LZDDIN001 Politics Assignment 3 Word Count: 330 Mandela and Verwoerd were to politicians on either side of the Apartheid argument, both with their on outlook of the system in its entirety. This essay will explain the difference in views between Mandela and Verwoerd with reference to their speeches on the Apartheid system, how Verwoerd attempted to explain his morals for the system and how Mandela advised against it. Prime Minister Henrik Verwoerd was challenged on his system of apartheid. Not only internally by the South African black people, but also by external sources such as the British Prime minister. Verwoerd’s response is in the form of a speech with argues his case in backing the apartheid system and why it is right. He states that the whites brought civilization to Africa, taught the blacks Western ideals and that now the white Africans have just as much right as the blacks to call the country their homeland. This led him to believe that the whites had more rights
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Unformatted text preview: because of what they had brought to Africa. Mandela view was very different; he believed that South Africa belonged to all those who lived in it, not to one race, be it black or white, but to everyone. Mandela did not want to start an interracial war, but was part of the resistance movement in the country at the time. Mandela was all for non-violent protest; he also stated that the issues at hand could be settled with peaceful discussions and that the object of full political rights for Africans could eventually be achieved with the white government’s co-operation. In conclusion, Verwoerd tried to argue for his Apartheid system saying what the whites brought to Africa was invaluable and put South Africa on the map, thus giving the whites the right to control South Africa. Mandela’s argument was different as he believed no single group had the rights to the country but everyone who lived there deserved equal rights....
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