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“ To what extent does the current economic and political climate encourage the endurance of democracy in South Africa?” South Africa is the economic powerhouse of Africa with a steady economic growth rate since the end of apartheid and is run by a parliamentary system. These are two key aspects in order for democracy to endure in any country (Prezworski, 1997: 306). However, the risk of inequality in society is posing a threat towards economic and political growth in South Africa which could threaten the tolerance of our democracy (Bhorat, 2010: 46). Although South Africa has a persistent and steady economic growth, our high levels of unemployment, poverty and inequality are weak points which could threaten the endurance of our economy. High levels of income inequality start to contribute towards social conflict between different racial groups and have a negative effect on peoples willingness to want to support democracy. Therefore equality in a society is a vital aspect in order for democracy to
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Unformatted text preview: endure(Bhorat, 2010: 46). High levels of inequality also have an effect on the political side of a society. Inequality has been linked to lower votes being cast in elections and an increase in crime rates, neither of which are ideal circumstance for a democracy (Bhorat, 2010: 46). . However, South Africa has a parliamentary system where parliament is the sovereign and power is shared equally among the executive and the cabinet. A parliamentary system is beneficial towards democracy as the government is voted into term on pure majority, however the opposing parties also remain in a political position which keeps the competition strong in a democracy (Prezworski, 1997: 304-305). South Africa has the two key aspects in order for a democracy to flourish; a steady economic growth and a parliamentary system. However, if the issue of inequality in income and social groups is not addressed, this could pose a major threat to the stability of our democracy....
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