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STUDENT: ESSAY: GRADE: FINAL DRAFT /60 MAIN POINT /15 EXAMPLES /15 ANALYSIS /15 LINKS /15 EXCELLENT Controlling thesis is specific, arguable, and complex. Main meaning or message is articulated clearly in multiple ways and times. Thesis grows stronger through strategic use of counterpoints and clarified by grammar, usage, and word choice. Examples are vivid, substantial, varied (citations, anecdotes, and other examples), and well chosen to elaborate thesis. All terms are defined when introduced. Evidence is carefully arranged and formatted. Analysis is relevant, sophisticated, and original. All significant aspects of examples are discussed in ways that support compelling points. Analysis accounts for counterpoints. Transitions between paragraphs and ideas are appropriate, clear, and original. Links reinforce the relevance of main points to the thesis and each other. GOOD Central thesis determines structure and is assisted by appropriate grammar, usage, and word choice. Main meaning or message is
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